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Don't Allow Your Landscape to Wash Away

Get retaining walls installed where you need them in Charlotte, NC

Whether you'd prefer man-made materials or natural stone, Arnette Irrigation & Landscaping can create a retaining wall that will define and support your outdoor landscaping to best effect.

Great for use as design elements, retaining walls are most often installed to prevent soil from washing away. We will visit your property and discuss the different ways a retaining wall might be used to improve or enhance your landscaping. Call 704-773-7131 today to have a landscaper look at your yard in the Charlotte, NC area.

3 reasons to build retaining walls

Regardless of the material used, retaining walls will provide structural support for your property. There are a variety of reasons to build a retaining wall, including:

•Preventing soil erosion
•Providing stability on sloped land
•Creating visual interest in a landscape design

There are times when you may want to construct an artificial hill with retaining walls to enclose a garden or create a more stunning visual aspect to your yard. Contact Arnette Irrigation & Landscaping today to learn more about retaining walls in Charlotte, North Carolina.